Talk directly to Stephan Hoffmann about IT opportunities in Belarus at the OWC Business Lunch on Belarus in Düsseldorf and Stuttgart.

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Belarus – an important trade and transport hub between Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). As a result, the country is often referred to as a bridge between these economic areas. Its openness to the EU, coupled with its integration into the Eurasian Economic Union, is an important aspect of Belarusian trade and economic policy and makes the country very attractive for localisers. The Great Stone Industrial Park, which is 112 square kilometres and almost half the size of the capital Minsk, is located exactly on the Silk Road between China and Germany and is therefore of great geopolitical and strategic importance.

Discuss with our experts at the OWC Business Lunch on 18 and 19 November about the possibilities and advantages of setting up a business in Belarus:

Living and Working in Belarus, Benefits, Challenges and Perspectives

Legal framework for market entry in Belarus (English)

Experience in setting up an IT company in Belarus

Location in Great Stone Industrial Park

Motives for cooperation with Great Stone

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