Give Your brand a voice


Give Your brand a voice

First of all – what is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing – or in short Social Marketing – is done via platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, but also via Twitter, Instagram and others. The goal is to reach potential clients, gain their attention and bind them to your company. This is done by so-called viral posts – these are posts, which are distributed throughout the Social Media ecosystem without your further contribution, but by likes, sharings and reposts of the platform users, which are interested in and like the content.

The four key advantages of Social Media Marketing are:

You are reaching quickly and cost-efficiently a very broad audience and potential client base.

Your posts are going viral – are shared and distributed – among interested people with common views and interests, so you are reaching a high percentage of the right audience.

You establish direct contact with the client, gaining access to transparent and uncensored feedback.

You gain access to a broad data-pool of user and client activity. Analyzing this will enable you, to better understand your clients and predict client behavior.

North IT Group – your full-spectre Social Marketing service provider

Starting a Social Marketing campaign is easy. Starting the right Social Marketing campaign, specifically composed for and aligned to your business and your audience, and professionally executed, is incredibly difficult and requires experts at work.  

There are four major fields, which a full-spectre Social Marketing strategy should cover: 

Social Media campaign
The right strategy is the cornerstone of your Social Marketing campaign – without, it will lack effect and be worthless. In order for you to reach your business goals, at first we conduct a market and/or focus group analysis and jointly define the right KPIs for your business – be it more recognition, more conversions or more client interaction. Based on this KPIs and market information our experts then develop the right campaign strategy, in order to reach the goals set.
Valuable Content
Valuable content is an absolute prerequisite for a working Social Marketing campaign. Real success is only possible, if the envisaged audience receives real value added by the campaign. Informative articles, stunning photos, memorable posts – we provide high-quality content for your campaign or offer advisory on content development on your own. Together we develop viral messages, transporting your corporate identity and shaping the way your company is perceived.
Focus Group Management
Besides valuable content interaction and trust building with your audience are key. Your customers and followers expect professional and quick responses to questions or comments. In case of negative comments, the implications can be kept at bay. And in case of positive comments you can try to further capitalize on them. Our team of experts can take over communication with the audience or provide you with needed assistance in order to handle this part of the Social Marketing strategy yourself.
Focus Group Insights and Strategy Development
Social Media provide you with a seemingly endless pool of data about your audience and it’s reactions to your campaign. Our team keeps track of this data and analyse it for you. Together, we then gain deeper and better understanding of your clients and partners needs and expectations. This – of course – will be used to further align the Social Marketing campaign and raise it’s effectiveness, but it also will allow you to align your whole strategy better to your focus group.

Let’s join forces for a perfect Social Marketing campaign for your business

With our dedicated team of Social Marketing specialists we offer to you tailor-made solutions for your needs. We cover the whole spectrum and life-cycle of a Social Marketing campaign, ensure high quality execution, constant campaign development and strategic advisory. This – if of interest – embedded into a holistic concept of your presence in the web and coordinated with your SEO measures, in order to raise synergy effects.


If you are interested, let’s join forces. Contact us for individual talks.

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