Corporate website for energy company morEnergy

Project launched – 22 June 2019

morEnergy is a young company
providing energy services

morEnergy GmbH is a company in the field of renewable energy and energy supply, which makes a huge contribution to the substitution to alternative energy sources. A special focus – the measurement of the impedance of network connection points and systems.


– Updating the website design

– Drawing investor attention to the company

– Gain in sales due to new customers


– Need to increase traffic

– Increase of audience loyalty, company awareness

– Easier access for users to up-to-date information on products and services


Since the company is developing fast, there has become necessary to update the website. Together with morEnergy GmbH we have created a more fresh and modern design. Also many new functions have been added.
We can divide the website into 4 parts: Corporate part (main page, team and contact page), Subpages about the core services and products, News subpage

“Services” and “Products” subpages

The logic of these sub-pages is similar to the previous pages. Mainly only the design was changed.

News subpage

The page displays blocks with the latest news and articles.

Corporate part

The most significant updates were made to this part of the project:
– Based on the prototype of the company’s old website, new blocks were added: “Contact”, “Team”;
– “Team” subpage: a big ask from the client’s side – to have a description about its team. That is why new blocks with photos have been implemented. Also a good common decision was to have a small description about the team.
– Slider with actual services and products of the company was added

Team page

The pages contain information about the company s team with a brief description of the person s biography.

Mobile design

Many users open the site from their mobile devices, so an adaptive design was created, which retained main features of the site.

Finished project

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