High professionals for your business


High professionals for your business

Taking your business to the next level


There is a number of proven good causes and benefits, why companies outsource their IT to a professional partner. For instance, IT outsourcing helps companies to:

– Identify potentials and increase the productivity of your IT infrastructure.

– Trace trends and developments and adjust your IT in advance, staying ahead the market.

– Comply with all regulatory standards and meet your clients security expectations, while dealing with sensitive information.

– Reduce financial costs and operative risk related to your IT.

– Free up manpower and focus even more on your core business.


If you recognize yourself and your company in the above cases or simply want to make your business more effective and up-to-date, then IT outsourcing may be the right answer for you.

IT outsourcing made by NORTH IT: What do we mean? What do we offer?


NORTH IT offers you the full spectrum of IT outsourcing services. The scope depends on your needs and the comfort level of your organization. Packages can include partial assistance and outsourcing of particular functions like IT structure management and development, database management, website and email-hosting, to an entire outsourcing of your companies IT function. In any case a team of specialists will be formed by us, who will be dedicated to your project. They will quickly get an understanding of the needs and wishes inside your company, so that IT infrastructure and processes can be further adjusted and enhanced individually in close cooperation with you and based on the feedback from your side.

Reducing IT challenges


IT infrastructure is one of the main challenges both for SMEs and huge copmpanies, which even multiply in times of transformation or dynamic growth. Technology changes force changes of internal structures, making them increasingly complex and difficult to manage. NORTH IT offers answers and solutions to it’s clients to deal with these challenges, by giving them access to the expertise of specialists usually not available in-house. We may free up manpower in your company and so enable your inhouse specialists to focus on strategic problems, instead of dealing with operative issues and daily “fires” coming up. A good exanple of a basic but very effective service is, when we monitor your network and alert you about potential problems; in many cases, these potential problems can be solved remotely before they even cause effect. This minimizes your downtime and improves both customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Furthermore it allows your in-house IT personnel to focus on other issues.

Controlling IT costs


For most businesses good IT is an absolute precondition for success – however, it is not their product. By outsourcing  of your IT function to NORTH IT you can concentrate your efforts on your core business and not let the IT draw manpower and ressources away from it. Your key IT employees will takeover the contact function to our team and focus on strategic issues, instead of running a huge in-house back-office and beeing blocked by standard tasks. If they go on vacation, are or sick, or leave the organization, transition will go on smoothly. And: we will provide specialized expertise not available inhouse, but needed for specific project. Hereby we even take responsibility for the product and support costs of your infrastructure. Everything is covered by a consistent monthly fee, which makes budgeting easy for you and eliminates unexpected expenses.

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