Mobile application Amundas

The project started – 15 May 2019

Amundas - a company which offers
all forms of care and safety.

“Our goal is to make occupational safety sustainable.
By this we do not only mean the implementation of legal requirements, but a company doctor and occupational safety specialist into the essential processes of your organization.”


– UX/UI friendly design;

– Easy logic;

– Data security;


– Easy work safety inspections per klicks;

– Automized reports;

– Automized risk assessments of work places;


We made design in a simple and minimalistic style. Our main task – to make it convenient and understandable in use.
We analyzed the competitors’ applications and discussed the strategy with the customer


The multifunctional menu allows us to carry out a detailed examination with the most accurate results.

Corporate part

The most serious decisions concerned this part of the project:
A full analysis of the target audience and customer preferences allowed us to make a convenient and extensive navigation in the application. As a result, a complete and qualitative conclusion can now be drawn about the compliance of working conditions

Completed project

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