Can I speak the programming language?

Have you ever thought about what’s behind a website or mobile application? In general, we only see only a beautiful text and pictures. But all this is a small aspect of a big programming process. Software makes life easier. But what kind of work is behind all this?
In this article we would like to tell you about the first, main part of this process – programming language (PL).

What is a programming language?

PL is a formal language for writing computer programs. It defines a set of lexical, semantic, and syntax rules that establish the appearance of the program and performer’s actions under its control. Programming languages can be divided into low and high-level languages.

Low and high-level languages

What does a “language level” mean? Usually it is a level of program code conversion before its execution. The low-level language is based on the specifics of the computer as it works. The high-level language is more abstract and easier for a person to understand.
Low-level languages are machine codes that are realized at the hardware level. They’re first-generation languages. There are also second-generation languages so-called “assembly languages”.
High-level languages are a natural response to the increased complexity of programmes. They are much easier to modify and transfer from one PC to another. As a rule, these languages can be classified into “how” and “what” languages. Their difference is in the way they are programmed. While the “how” languages describe the process of action for the machine, the “what” languages describe the expected result.

Demanded PI

All PL are created for different goals. Therefore, the rating data change annually, while the top seldom have any shifts. Although if we sort the languages according to demand, salary and mention in vacancies, the ratings will differ.


JavaScript can be rightly called as one of the most popular programming languages, because it is the leader of almost every PL rating. Today many students choose JavaScript as their first language and gateway to the IT world. Its efficiency and practicality allow it to become a leader in the list of languages recommended for study. It is especially widely used in browsers as a script language and for writing mobile and web applications, widgets and in office applications.


In some lists it will be on the 5th place, in others it will be on the 2nd. Python is often compared and sometimes even equated to SQL (declarative programming language). Only SQL knowledge doesn’t guarantee you a good job when Python knowledge becomes a good reason to hire you. The main advantage of Python over SQL is its simplicity. The three most popular implementations for Python are web development (web frameworks), data science and process automation.

C# and Java

Making a list of demanded PL it is impossible to forget about C#. This language is used to create any platform. Only C# is enough for you to develop applications for Android and iOS as well as for Linux and Mac platforms.
C# is a language that you can use for any purpose (websites, desktop applications, etc.). This language is easy to learn but we shouldn’t forget C# is developing, gaining new specific functions and opportunities that can keep beginners from learning it.
Java and C# are heirs of the programming language C++. Since both languages were created in a competitive environment, they have a number of similarities as well as differences. Java is an universal language used by thousands of companies. With Java knowledge you can always find an interesting job quite easily. By the way, Java is on the second place in the ranking. This language is chosen by many companies and startups for their work.
These languages will be used in the following applications:
– Desktop Apps
– Mobile apps
– Integrated systems
– Web apps
– Scientific apps


It is unlikely that PHP is a favorite programming language. It is often blamed for its complexity and coding problems. But there is one reason why PHP is still in demand. If you have experience with it, you already know why. Most websites in the world such as WordPress work with PHP. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter started with this language. PHP is intensively used to create web applications and it is supported by most hosting providers.


Go or Golang is a compiled, multi-threaded (“multi-process”) programming language created by Google. This language was created as a possible substitute for C and C++, as a programming language for highly efficient programs running on modern systems and multi-core processes. This language isn’t very easy to learn, but it’s worth it. Go is a very good and functional language and it is often called the future of programming.

Author: Alexei Mihalenko