Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Imagine that your company has a wonderful site filled with great information. Sure, you want to make sure that as many as possible people will visit the site. In this case search engine optimization (SEO) becomes very important.

If you are unfamiliar with the definition, you know perfectly there are search engines like Google, Yahoo and etc. They give users lists of sites in response to entered requests. More scientifically speaking, search engine optimization is a set of measures to improve the position of a website in the results of search engines output from pre-selected requests. The result can be seen – it attracts target customers, i.e. those who are interested in your service.

Key SEO parts and directions

The first part is to work inside the site. It includes the correction of possible errors, adding and modifying content, HTML-code of site pages, inking etc. How effective the first step will be depending only on the efforts and knowledge in professional area.

The second part of SEO-optimization is website promotion independently. At this step, it is necessary to bring the resource to the first positions using groups of activities that are performed outside the site (on other sites, forums, bookmarks etc.). The task is to increase the necessary reference mass and promote the site for targeted requests as well as increase its credibility. This is called site promotion or external optimization.

The third part is to maintain the achieved positions and improve the results. You should take in mind to observe the results and indicators of competitors and to change keywords, texts for links, site content, site adjustment. All of this should be made in order to maintain the position.

SEO goals

Much depends also in SEO on the goals set by the optimizer and the information resource owner. Search engine optimization is relevant for sites with impressive attendance. The SEO specialists take care of expanding the client base by attracting target customers. Competent optimization has a positive impact on performance. It makes the promoted resource more popular among users, increases the number of mentions in social networks, increases the volume of the client base and brings additional profit. However, it is understandably that competitors don’t sleep, so you should give regular attention to search engine optimization. Though optimization results are not immediately visible, since the workflow takes at least several months, but as a result, sites are brought to a new level.

Authors: Stephan Hoffmann, Viktoriya Harlan