Working in IT in Belarus

Coming to Belarus without visa and starting working?!

Belarus introduced a 30-day visa-free regime in 2018 that allows citizens from EU countries and North America to enter quickly and easily without any prior planning. You can visit any place in Belarus. The only condition for the visa-free entry is the arrival over the Minsk airport. Attention, visa-free entry via Russia is still not possible. In order to use the visa-free program for 30 days, you must have the following with you: a passport, a credit card or cash and a foreign health insurance with at least 10,000 euros coverage.

Online registration

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If you want to stay longer than five working days in Belarus, you have to register with the local registration offices. Hotels usually do this automatically upon arrival. Foreigners, who meet apartments or visit friends have to do so far himself, what can turn out to be an adventure, if one does not speak Russian. However, the year 2019 promises a remedy. Since January 2, 2019, visitors can register electronically for free on the portal and do not have to contact the authorities for internal affairs.

Enlarging of the visa free regime

For potential employees and IT companies founders from abroad, the visa-free entry into Belarus for the maximum period of temporary residence may be extended to 180 days if they are or wish to become residents of the High Tech Park (HTP). Foreigners can also work without special permission and receive a simplified residence permit if their employers are registered in the HTP. To become a resident of the HTP, you will need to file a small number of documents (an application, a copy of the charter, a state registration certificate and a business plan proving that your business is the IT industry). That the HTP is very successful, the numbers prove: 454 residents had been registered in the park by the end of 2018. Many experts believe that these measures will help the country to attract investors and IT specialists. Initial successes have already been recorded. For example, the IT sector’s contribution to GDP growth in 2018 is 0.5%. These data indicate that Belarus is on the right path and is becoming established as an IT location. If you have more questions contact us directly at [email protected]

Authors: Stephan Hoffmann, Viktoriya Harlan