IT Outsourcing in Belarus

IT Outsourcing in Belarus

IT Outsourcing is since several years one of the quickest growing business fields in the international service market. It provides a generic answer to the steadily raising level of expertise needed in IT departments in companies, which often can’t be secured internally with reasonable costs and efforts. And It linkes the thriving IT sectors of many developing countries to the vast markets of the developed countries, where wide digitalization and IoT-Intengration creates seemingy endless demand for IT solutions, facilitating international cooperation and helping to build up trust and experience in a mutually beneficial relationship. During the past decade Belarus has positioned itself as one of the main IT hubs in the CEE region. Worldwide operating companies like the Outsourcing-giants EPAM and the game producers have grown here, Startups like Viber and MSRD have sold their products to world market leaders like Facebook and Rakuten for over 100 mln USD and the IT Industry already accounts for more than 5% of the belarusian GDP – further growth expected. According to the results of the American research company Clutch among the fifteen best software testers worldwide belarusian companies claimed strong positions. And according to the International Association of IT-Outsourcing Professionals several belarusian Specialists were included into worlds Top100. Whenever quality comes before costs, Belarus is named as one of the best outsourcing destinations worldwide. But what makes Belarus such a good spot for IT outsourcing?

Key advantages of the Belarusian IT Market

Firstly, the high professional level IT specialists and sufficient number of them on the market.The educational system in Belarus in IT is on a very high standard and software engineering is a highly respectable profession, attracting a steadily raising number of students. Special focus is given to math, science, technology and engineering disciplines. The favorable geographical location. Belarus is situated in Eastern Europe, to the east of Poland and to the west of Russia. The approximate flight time from Minsk to London is 3 hours, to Frankfurt/M or Vienna 2 hours 25 minutes, to Moscow 1 hour 30 minutes, and to Zurich 2 hours 50 minutes.

The English level and the governmental support

Also the English proficiency. The vast majority of belarusian Developers are highly proficient in English and other European languages, thus making the contact with western contractors smooth and easy. Last but not least, Belarus has recently updated their legislation with a special Hi-Tech Park Decree 2.0, which provides overall regulation for blockchain products and cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and other related issues. Hire of professionals from abroad and buerocracy for residents of the park are heavily eased.The government continues to heaviliy support the IT services sector. The National Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus for the period until 2020 provides that the development of the information society is one of the national priorities of the country. So, the formation of a new economy will be gradually handled, and IT-outsourcing in Belarus will be one of the key drivers for progress, raising the overall level of economic development and promoting the spread of knowledge in all areas of society.

Authors: Stephan Hoffmann, Viktoriya Harlan